Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday, October 17

Things are not really getting any better with my job. I haven't gotten any of
the positions I've requested a transfer for, although I've interviewed for 3
out of the 4 requests. The 4th one, I didn't interview for because the
position was filled the day after I put in my transfer request. The first
transfer request was for another position here at my school. I really
thought I had a shot at that position since the person doing that interview
was the person who offered me the first (library) position that wound up not
being available. Anyway, I've heard a that better not be
true...that I didn't get that job because they didn't want to have to hire
another receptionist. I do have a feeling that that was a factor in me not
getting the job though.

Lately all the job postings for the school district have been jobs that pay
less than I'm making now. Unfortunately, when you transfer to another job,
you transfer at the pay rate for the job you are transferring to, not the pay
rate you are currently at. Good if the job pays the same or more, bad if the
job pays less. (And the reason why I didn't get the job I was originally
offered...the girl from the library was going to transfer to receptionist,
but it pays less than the library, and she didn't want to take a pay cut).

Anyway, I'm starting to look outside the school district because there's been
nothing for weeks at any of the schools. There's a clerk job at the prison
that I'm going to try to apply for tonight. I say try, because right now I'm
(we're) having to do everything by phone, because our internet is acting up.
I'm going to be cancelling it with Frontier (they suck) and try someone else.
Frontier has not been very helpful at all in resolving the problem.

I have absolutely nothing to do since I got back from lunch, other than a few
phone calls. Bored bored bored bored bored.

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