Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday, July 29

My brother reminded me the other day that I hadn't posted here for a while, so I figured I give everyone a brief(ish) update on what's been going on with us.
We both started new jobs this week. I started at Kingman High School as receptionist on Monday, July 23. My last day at MCC was June 28, and I finished the inventory at Attwoods on July 19. Ben's last day at Attwoods was also the 19th. He started with Patriot Rail/Kingman Terminal Railroad on Friday. He worked (actually, went through training) on Friday and Saturday. Today, we  went to Vegas so he could catch a flight to Salt Lake City, and  then up to Ogden for more training. He'll be in Ogden all week.
After dropping Ben off at McCarren, I stopped at Trader Joe's, since I was in Vegas anyway. Then came the drive home, which meant driving over the BRIDGE at Hoover Dam. The bypass bridge, that stupid bridge that's way, way up in the air.  Crossing it as a passenger while someone else is driving is one thing; driving across it....well, since I HATE bridges, I wasn't looking forward to it. I'd rather drive on a two-lane road at 12,000 feet, with lots of switchbacks and no guardrails (Trail Ridge Road) than cross that bridge. I white knuckled it, in the left lane, and made it across - with my eyes open. :)
Whit is missing his daddy.  I'm missing his daddy too. Ben called a bit ago and Whit heard his voice but couldn't find him. Poor baby. He's gonna be messed up all week.